How to Cut Costs with Managed Mobility Services

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I spoke with a woman last week, Alyssa, about a recent experience she had at a hotel. Check-out time was 11:00 AM and she was in her room having a relaxing morning, enjoying breakfast and a book. She was bothered by housekeeping not once but twice, at 9 AM and 10 AM, trying to come clean her room before she was ready.

Has this ever happened to you? Were you eager to go back to that hotel after that experience?

Alyssa sure wasn’t. She wanted to relax, not fend off Sarah from housekeeping!

Most of the hotel executives I work with understand that they need to integrate technology into their hospitality business. If Alyssa’s hotel had used technology to improve their business processes and streamline communications between employees, she wouldn’t have been disrupted!

What they don’t understand is how utilizing technology and managed mobility services can actually cut their costs.

Managed mobility services can transform your business processes. They can create a modern, mobile architecture that fits your business processes and needs.

That doesn’t stop with streamlining communications between the front desk and housekeeping staff. Work orders for maintenance can be quickly updated and completed with tablets. Hotels can easily run specials for their spas and restaurants with apps. Everything from check-in to check-out runs smoother and more efficiently.

The result?

Elimination of wasteful paper-based workflows. Incredible cost savings. Self-service and automation of traditional IT tasks. Reduced time wasted on daily operations, so your staff can focus on the things that matter most.

Managed mobility services can offer help with:
• Updating and keeping track of expenses
• Monitoring the security and safety of important data against threats
• Administering and enforcing rules and regulations
• Keeping track of inventories and purchasing

To learn more about how managed mobility services can revolutionize your business processes, contact Dan here.

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