5 Key Elements of a Mobile Security Technology Strategy

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Mobility technology isn’t going away. It’s only becoming a larger and larger part of our lives and businesses, so creating a mobility security strategy now will continue to pay dividends in the future.

The connections associated with mobile devices mean that anyone targeting the data on those devices has easy access. Some companies use completely unencrypted programs for file-sharing and file-hosting, leaving them even more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

There are several risks associated with mobility technology, including:

• Systems were not built to accommodate bring-your-own-device (BYOD), so efforts must be made within the existing system
• Employee use of unsafe Wi-Fi
• Data no longer stays in the company data center’s relative security
• Sensitive data is carried in and out the door every single day on devices used for both personal and business functions
• Employees across industries often overshare on social media platforms

However, these risks and others can be mitigated with a well-planned mobile security technology strategy that covers data, infrastructure, devices, applications, and users. Below are the 5 key elements to incorporate into your strategy.

1. Collaborate with other departments. For your strategy to be effective, it must be comprehensive. Coordinate with every department, not just IT, and get their input for the plan.

2. Evaluate the current state. Where exactly are you with regards to mobile security? Get a clear picture by performing audits and risk assessments to identify the holes in the current system.

3. Plug the leaks. Once you assess the situation and discover the current problems, you can map out the plan to plug those leaks. But that’s not enough.

4. Develop policies and procedures. For the strategy to be successful, it must be sustainable. Develop policies and procedures to keep those leaks plugged and to prevent them from occurring again. The software you use, such as AirWatch, will help you sustain and enforce these policies.

5. Create a disaster recovery plan. What will you do in an emergency situation? To learn more about preparing for the worst, click here.

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