How to Overcome Enterprise Mobility’s Top 3 Challenges

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Does the thought of your employees failing to adopt an Enterprise Mobility investment keep you up at night?

I don’t blame you! Enterprise mobility isn’t without its challenges. Here are my 3 tips to increase employee engagement and adoption rates, ease security concerns and integrate new technologies into your workflow to get the most out of your investment.

1) Adoption. You want your employees to use new technology and quickly. The quicker they do this, the sooner you will see gains in productivity and therefore ROI on your investment. If this is your goal, then your best option to overcome the adoption challenge is to use the app yourself.

Experience has shown that senior management and direct supervisor usage leads to greater rates of technology adoption by front-line employees.

Plan webinars and introductory sessions for employees, then make the point of attending them. Ensure that your front-line supervisors get a head-start on new technologies by offering incentives for tutorial completion. Collaborate with your enterprise mobility partner to determine employee needs and usage habits, including your own.

2) Security. Bring your own device (BYOD) culture wreaks havoc on IT staff. The threat of a breach, the loss of a device, or an insecure network can threaten highly confidential information. Mobile application management (MAM) aims to resolve these issues by providing flexible options for users without compromising security. Rather than striving to keep the device secure, look for a MAM that applies different policies for different apps, user types and mobility scenarios.

3) Workflow Integration. One advantage of training upper-level staff and front-line supervisors on new technology is the feedback they provide. Before releasing enterprise mobility software to entire divisions or departments, start training those who manage personnel and deal with data. These individuals catch glitches before the software goes mainstream. They can offer developers and consultants feedback mid-stream, while fixes are simpler to employ.

Remember, the whole purpose of enterprise mobility is to improve your workflow, not change it.

Find out what your stakeholders need and choose to partner with developers and consultants who provide training in the early stages and support as your needs evolve.
For more information on overcoming these challenges and other enterprise mobility concerns, schedule a free consultation here.

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