How AirWatch Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

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Enterprise mobility management is designed to make your business practices and procedures flow smoothly and professionally. But one piece of software in particular helps with business content, applications, and e-mails to achieve this goal.

Founded in 2003, AirWatch is a provider of enterprise mobility software and a stand alone management system. From mobile security to container management and from identity management to e-mail management, AirWatch’s design is to make your enterprise mobility strategies effective and efficient.

For example, the container management option that AirWatch offers allows employees to effectively organize and compartmentalize their professional and personal data so as to keep business information private, confidential, and separate from personal information.

As for security, AirWatch provides non-stop compliance monitoring and continuous, real-time device information to ensure data protection. The software looks out for all of your users, devices, applications, content, data, e-mail, and networks.

AirWatch also uses the best of identity management software. VMware Identity Manager is the perfect answer that “[delivers] the first mobile cloud identity management platform that federates user accounts for SaaS, web, and native mobile applications requiring no change to the application and solving a major roadblock to mobile application adoption in the enterprise.” (www.air-watch.com)

AirWatch Mobile App Management is any IT department’s answer for monitoring security, productivity, and management requirements whilst pushing employees to give their best performance.

More good news: platforms that support AirWatch include Blackberry, Android, Apple iOS, Chromebooks, Mac OS X, and Windows.

The architecture and integration of the enterprise mobility management of AirWatch, in addition to its content collaboration — specifically — helps provide the necessary tools and resources so as to manage business professionally, smoothly, and quickly.

Whatever your industry, from healthcare to retail and from local and state government offices to higher education, AirWatch can help your business reach its goals.

As a certified AirWatch professional, I would love to discuss your questions and concerns about AirWatch and enterprise mobility management. Contact me here to get started.

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