4 Tips for Avoiding a Mobility Mess

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Implementing mobility at your company is one thing; for the most part, employees’ reliance on personal electronic devices mean it’s likely already happening.

Implementing a mobility strategy that increases productivity and drives customer engagement in a secure way proves a bit more challenging.

In fact, many businesses roll out mobility programs only to find themselves hastily rolling them back in because they backfired. The most successful businesses will balance the need to move quickly with the need to move mindfully into the mobile universe.

Here are 4 of my top tips on avoiding the common pitfalls faced by businesses as they strive to mobilize their workforce and their operations:

1. Strategy must precede deployment. Gone are the days when IT could simply automate an existing process. To be truly effective and worthwhile, mobility must solve a problem. Crystallizing the objective of a mobility program, and assuring that the technology deployed meets that objective, separates a mobility solution from a mobility program.

2. Mobility belongs to everyone, not just IT. Various business disciplines are represented in mobility solutions. Whether the project is internal, or client-facing, it’s likely that stake-holders from multiple departments are impacted. Gathering and synthesizing the right data from the right departments ensures your mobility solution streamlines and innovates rather than muddies the water.

3. Mobility increases volume…of everything. Remember, if a major goal of enterprise mobility is increasing productivity, your infrastructure must be ready for more production. Make sure you have a plan to respond to the increased client inquiries and employee interaction, as well expectations of reduced response times that mobility creates. Mobility increases the need for data security as well. Vetting security and response-capacity at every step of the mobile chain is essential.

4. Legacy systems impact outcomes. Low code software platforms offer unbelievable flexibility to mobilize process. But the last thing you want to do is mobilize your workforce with shiny new equipment…that can’t speak with your current in-house systems. Audit any new mobility solution to ensure it delivers information in a way that integrates seamlessly with your current IT environment.

Avoiding potholes on the mobility highway is what we do best at Kelley Technology Group. Contact us here to discuss your project today.

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